How To Go Through The Kanada ETA Program

Countries like the United States, and also Canada, require you to get a visa to visit their country. It is a standard practice, one that was implemented years ago, designed to track people coming into their country by plane or by vehicle. If you are going to fly into Canada, and you have business there, you will need to get one before you go. The same is true for tourists that will be coming into the country soon. To go through the Kanada ETA program, follow these simple suggestions on how to get through without incident.

How Does The Canada ETA Program Work?

It begins with going online to visit the government of Canada website. Once there, you will go to the immigration and citizenship section. From there, you will go to the Visit Canada page. It is there that you will find the application for the eTA. This stands for electronic travel authorization. You will be able to pay digitally, and they will convert that to seven dollars in Canadian money, and the process of approval takes just a few minutes.

How You Will Know If You Are Approved

There are two ways that you will know that you are approved. First of all, when you get to the part where you submit your application, seconds later, you should have your answer. Second, they will send you an email that will confirm that you have been granted permission to come into Canada for up to 90 days. Additionally, this will be added to your passport, in a digital manner, so that when the passport is scanned it will also register that you did get a visa. The Kanada ETA program is very easy to understand and is a necessity when traveling into Canada wherever you happen to be right now.