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Fill Out Your ESTA USA Application Simply And Easily Online

Posted by Stanley Pena on

Travelers sometimes hear about the ESTA USA VWP and think that it is going to be a hassle. What is the VWP? That acronym stands for visa waiver program, and it means you get to apply for quick and easy approval online. While the process is quite convenient, there are some rules and regulations you need to know.

First of all, you want to give the authorities at least 72 hours to approve your application. You will likely get approved before then, but you want to apply 72 hours prior to flying. That will give them plenty of time to process your application so that there aren’t any travel hitches for you.

The second thing you need to know is that there is a small fee that is due when you get ready to submit your application. You also should know that your ESTA will be good for two years, unless your passport expires ahead of that time.

Also, there is a list of countries on the official ESTA website, and you’re going to want to look at that list to be sure that your country is on there. If you find your country on the list, then you are eligible to apply. That will be nice, and you can move forward with your application.

Soon enough, you will be getting your approval, and I am thinking you’re going to really like this process. What’s more is you can avoid it for up to two years. You can fly to the US anytime you like between then and now.

Click on the link for the official ESTA website. Don’t fall for the guys that are trying to get you to sign up using their help. The application is rather basic, and you should be able to get it completed easily enough. If for some reason you do need help with your ESTA USA application, get it officially through the site.…



Posted by Stanley Pena on


Many at times when we hear people travel to abroad countries, in this case to the USA, talking about the USA ESTA. The question which mainly lingers in the head of many is ‘What is USA ESTA?’.
First things first, what you need to know is what ESTA stands for; ESTA stands for Electronic System For Travel Authorization. Hence we can get to know the meaning of USA ESTA which is sort of a system of making applications online for individuals seeking to travel to the USA. The government has put this system in place to pre-screen the individuals traveling to the country. This automated system serves the purpose of determining the eligibility of the travelers to the USA and enabling the individual to stay in the US for a period extending to 9 months without having to acquire a high-cost visa.
Though the system determines the eligibility of individuals, it does not necessarily determine that the visiting individual is admissible to the United States of America. The function of determining whether visitors are admissible is rested in the hands of the USA Customs and Border Protection Officers body.



The USA ESTA is a system used at ship ports and at airports for those traveling by sea and air only. The government of the U.S runs the systems in the country of residence of the traveler and clearly establishes the eligibility of the traveler after which, they are cleared for traveling to the United States.



Before an individual thinks of applying for the USA ESTA, the individual must meet some conditions for the application set by the government. Here is a set of some conditions that the traveler must meet to be authorized to travel to the US:
-The individual must have a passport validated by the Visa Waiver Program.
-The individual must be in possession of a credit card which is valid (American Express and MasterCard). Paypal can be used too to pay the required amount for the application which is $ 14.00.
-The individual must provide his/her contact details and information.
-The individual may provide information about their recent application.

One should know that only the citizens of countries that have Visa Waiver program can apply and the application collects biographic details, responses, and answers to Visa Waiver Program questions.


The USA ESTA application can be done online through the following the links:


The visa waiver program is a program established by the US government to enable nationals from countries with Visa Waiver Programs to travel to the USA for a period of a maximum of 90 days without having to acquire a visa card.

In summary, the USA ESTA program is a truly beneficial program to individuals who are not looking forward to acquiring visas which come at a high cost.