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Top 3 Recommended Tourist Spots in New Zealand North Island

New Zealand North Island is the perfect itinerary when you want your family to have a meaningful journey. And, since processing visa to New Zealand is now convenient via the Internet, you’ll have ample time to make yourself ready. To guide you, here are the top 3 suggested itineraries in New Zealand North Island that will surely satisfy your group.


Cape Reinga

At the far northern portion of New Zealand, you’ll find the Cape Reinga. Do you want to know why it’s impressive to get to the place? It’s where you can see where the Pacific Ocean and the Tasman Sea collide.

Your journey begins by walking to the car park. While trekking, you’ll start to be amazed by the panoramic outlook that the hillside showcases. After that, you’ll head on to the lighthouse where there’s a viewing podium.  Once you get to the top, you’ll see one of the greatest masterpieces of God — a broad view of the horizon with outstanding beauty.

You won’t get bored in Cape Reinga as it’s a suitable spot to sit and drink with your group. Don’t miss out seeing the sunset as it’s a spectacular sighting.


Whangarei Heads

Still part of the North Island is the Whangerei Heads. It’s a peninsula, considered as a gem of the country, at the northeastern portion of New Zealand. This is also another best spot to witness the spectacular setting of the sun. A lot of hikers enjoy the region. Here, you are allowed to fish.

When you reach Whangarei Heads, don’t miss out these two highly-recommended tourists destinations:

  • Mount Manaia: provides you an unparalleled beauty of the surrounding at the top.
  • Ocean Beach: famous for surfing, snorkeling, and sandduning.


The Sky Tower in Auckland

If you fear heights, now is the time to leave your comfort zone as the Sky Tower in Auckland is a 192-meter structure where you can release adrenalin rush through jumping. Aside from being an adventure hub, the tower is a fine dining establishment. Moreover, there’s no dull moment in Auckland as there are lots of bars and cafes where your friends can have a good time.

In every journey, you will learn something useful. As early as now, let your family enjoy the wonders of New Zealand North Island.…

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